Written by Odd Einar Magnussen

VP Business Development, Scandinavia

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There is a demand for change in our industry and we are proud to transform the delivery of well intervention services with an Integrated Delivery Model to enable our clients to drive real operational and commercial value. 

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This is achieved by integrating, collaborating, and ensuring full alignment with our clients and third parties to offer a full suite of multi-disciplined solutions while sustainably driving down risk and cost.

A key part of our delivery model is integrating solutions with our selected service partners. We have nurtured close relationships with specialist niche technology providers but also major global service companies, who bring together an incredible level of expertise and skills. In previous blog posts I highlight the enhanced technology capability we now have by working together with suppliers like Silixa, TGT Diagnostics and Blue Spark Energy. 

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Advanced integrated delivery model

We believe we have the most advanced integrated delivery model in Scandinavia for well intervention,with the ability to offer a seamlessly integrated solution from one organisation:

  • Unrivalled depth of experience with 400+ wireline experts (including over 150 onshore experts).
  • Industry recognised training and test facilities ensuring a scalable and sustainable model for competence and capability.
  • In house planning experts across the integrated scope with a single point of accountability.
  • Integrated alliances and solutions delivered through the Altus integrated service team. 
  • A complete equipment and technology capability anchored into a pre-tested, one mobilisation, one crew model.
  • Multi skilled crews and x-trained field personnel to deliver optimised POB ambitions.
  • Market leading technology the most ambitious e-line digital technology offering in well intervention - PRIME Technology Platform.
  • Dedicated technology centres rapid response engineering for specialised and sustainable solutions.
  • A clear set of digital priorities anchored in a new delivery standard for well intervention.

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By working together we succeed in Making Intervention Smarter for our clients - delivering safer, more efficient and more sustainable solutions. 

If you would like to learn more about our Integrated Delivery Model and supplier partnerships, please get in touch: expert.no@altusintervention.com 

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