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VP Business Development, Scandinavia

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As part of our unique Integrated Delivery Model, we have partnered with TGT Diagnostics in Scandinavia, to help our customers keep their wells safe, clean and productive.

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Operators are increasingly recognising the value of advanced well diagnostics and the ability to see a more complete picture.  This includes failure points that can exist outside of the wellbore, behind one or more steel and cement barriers. Locating failures behind barriers requires a special breed of diagnostics.

TGT has developed two powerful ‘diagnostics systems’ – the ‘True Flow System’ and the ‘True Integrity System’ – to diagnose well performance issues anywhere in the well system. These two systems and the answer products they deliver are referred to collectively as ‘through-barrier diagnostics’.

This partnership with TGT and our Integrated Delivery Model provides clients with a unique offering:

  • Category-leading diagnostics
  • Better informed well management decisions
  • Highly qualified and experienced analysts and engineers
  • Innovative technology solutions designed and tested at our purpose-built test well facility
  • Next-generation e-line technology developed at our dedicated Technology Centres
  • Experienced multi-disciplined crew, who are trained at our Well Intervention Academy
  • An integrated delivery of services with a one-team, one-mobilisation approach

"Together with Altus Intervention, we challenge the old way of thinking by being bold and innovative so that our customers can capture more value and address well performance challenges more readily."
Mohammad Abshenas, TGT Diagnostics

If you would like to find out more about our Integrated Delivery Model and supplier partnerships, please get in touch: expert.no@altusintervention.com 

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