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The best part of working? Is working together and collaborating as one team to deliver solutions.

A key part of our Integrated Service Delivery Model is working together and integrating solutions with our selected service partners. Our partners bring together an incredible level of expertise and skills. Over the next few weeks I will share more about these partnerships and today I want to tell you more about Silixa. 

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Data driven solutions are essential for our clients and fibre optic technology enables immediate decision making with quick look analysis to rapidly evaluate data and visualise production, injection behaviour and perform real-time well diagnostics.

Silixa are the experts when it comes to fibre optic monitoring solutions and their systems have the highest levels of accuracy in the industry.  Their award winning hybrid fibre optic sensing system Carina 100xLog transforms a conventional e-line or slickline unit into a true Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing System enabling data acquisition from every point along the length of the well, simultaneously and continuously without the need to move the logging cable. It turns the entire well into an array of digital ears! 

"Time savings of up to 50% on a typical Intervention"

Why is distributed sensing important? One major benefit is that a number of production logging questions can be answered in one run, in real-time. Having this quick access to downhole data in real-time, allows for immediate decision-making and can deliver time savings of up to 50% on a typical intervention. This makes this an ideal solution for production logging operations.

This partnership with Silixa gives our clients unique access to:
  • The best technology service.
  • Highly qualified and experienced logging engineers, petrophysicists geologists and reservoir engineers.
  • The very best access to downhole data and coupled with high quality data interpretation reports.

"We are delighted to integrate our award winning technology with Altus Intervention to provide the highest levels of accuracy in the industry for fibre-optic sensing-based monitoring solutions."
Amer Khayyat, Silixa's VP

If you would like to discuss more about our Integrated Delivery Model and supplier partnerships, please get in touch: expert.no@altusintervention.com 

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