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VP Business Development, Scandinavia

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The provision of high quality and fully integrated solutions is a key part of our Integrated Service Delivery Model and our partnership with Blue Spark Energy allows us to improve the efficiency of our clients' well intervention campaigns with a lower environmental impact. 


The Blue Spark WASP tool works by using small amounts of electricity to create powerful hydraulic impulses to stimulate flow in oil wells and also clears scales, mudcake and fines from other completion items.. One of the advantages of the tool is that it offers an efficient and targeted treatment.  It is deployed on wireline and requires few personnel to do so.  This ease of deployment saves time and money – in fact most treatments are performed in one day. The low risk operation will not cause wear, damage or corrosion to the completion that can be a result of other intervention types.

"Low carbon footprint solution."

When it comes to environmental impact, WASP does not use any water or chemicals. Furthermore, WASP is lower in logistics, personnel, carbon footprint and power than most stimulation operations – in fact WASP treats a 5m interval using the same amount of energy needed to power a 100W bulb for 3hrs.


This partnership with Blue Spark and our Integrated Delivery Model gives our clients unique access to:
  • The best technology service offering.
  • Highly qualified and experienced logging engineers.
  • Innovative technology solutions designed and tested at our purpose-built test well facility.
  • Next-generation e-line technology developed at our dedicated Technology Centres.
  • Experienced multi-disciplined crew, who are trained at our Well Intervention Academy.
  • An integrated delivery of services with a one-team, one-mobilisation approach.

"We are pleased to partner with Altus Intervention,one of the pre-eminent Norwegian service providers, to bring our unique technology to Norwegian operators."
Todd Parker, CEO, Blue Spark Energy

If you would like to discuss more about our Integrated Delivery Model and supplier partnerships, please get in touch: expert.no@altusintervention.com 

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