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At the heart of our Integrated Service Delivery Model is our data capture and analysis capability, helping our clients make smarter decisions that lead to higher productivity and more efficient operations.

Our data analysis team, based in Stavanger and Aberdeen, consists of highly experienced team members with backgrounds from subsurface to operations, who are constantly working to deliver precise answers to our clients. The analysis team plays an important role in identifying optimum technology to acquire data, ensuring quality data  is acquired and providing precise analysis from the data.

Two of the key data analysis services we provide are well integrity and production logging interpretation.

Well Integrity 

As an important aspect of maintaining mature assets and increasing P&A operations, a good understanding of the well integrity is essential for safe operation and compliance. Benefiting from our broad range of logging tools and partners, the data analysis team can offer comprehensive acquisition and analysis to address integrity issues. Common offerings including multi-finger caliper to identify tubular damages or restrictions and cement bond tool to evaluate cement behind casing. With our Multi Finger Caliper (40 arms), PrecisionStroker & Shifting Tool, with high power feed through, we can now run 20+ new combined e-line solutions in one integrated run.

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Production logging

Production optimisation is one of the key aspects to ensure mature assets stay profitable. Our production logging services allow operators to understand well production behaviour, enabling data driven decision making on production optimisation. As a world leader in tractor technology, we are able combine tractor and production logging tools to perform efficient PLT in horizontal wells. The highly experienced analysis team is capable of analysing modern array PLT data on a fast-turn-around basis, allowing immediate decision making.

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One of the notable array PLT tools is the FAST tool, developed by Openfield Technology based in Versailles, France. The ultra-compact array PLT tool consists of the latest state-of-art downhole sensors and is particularly suitable for horizontal wells with limited rig-up height. In a recent logging campaign in Norway, our team performed FAST PLT logging, conveyed on our PRIME Tractor in multiple horizontal wells efficiently, and delivering precise analysis in a short time. The analysis enabled the client to decide on zones to be shut-off in order to reduce water influx and increase oil production.

Success Stories

Altus offshore team

Here are some recent examples of how we have helped our clients:

Well Integrity:

  • The client needed to isolate the tubing prior to an abandonment. Our caliper analysis clearly pointed out the conditions of the tubing and restrictions due to scale deposition. This allowed the client to make an immediate decision on the size of plug and plug setting depth and thus saved the client from doing an additional run due to failure on plug setting.

Production Logging:

  • The client was facing additional water production from ageing production. Our PLT analysis identified the water production zones and hydrocarbon inflow zones. This allowed the client to develop an informed water shut-off strategy.
  • The client was getting unexpected production results from a commingled reservoirs well. Our multi-rate PLT analysis was able to demonstrate the reservoir pressure and productivity index of each layer, helping the client gain a better understanding of the reservoirs and improve their production strategy.

With our highly competent in-house analysis team, we are striving to provide precise answer and effective solutions to our clients. 

If you would like to know more about our Cased Hole Logging services, please get in touch: expert.uk@altusintervention.com 


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