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At Altus Intervention, our central objective is to embed a culture of care where it is O.K to intervene, challenge and to think before proceeding with the task ahead. We recognise that it is the personal choices we make individually and together that not only define the success of our business but more importantly whether we return home safely to our families.

Simply put we aim to go beyond compliance with standards and process to a workplace where we all own a shared responsibility for a safer and better working environment, and with an openness to learn, improve and make that difference.

Our QHSE Standards express the simple safeguarding principles that can be easily understood and applied in all working environments. Keeping things simple and in a relatable language is crucial to have meaningful impact or add any value for the end user, and this is core in our organisational language and culture. 

But we strive to go further, and in this blog I wanted to share some of the activities that we are engaged with to help make that difference.



I am proud of our safety track record and performance.  I am equally delighted to say that our people drive much of our safety dialogue, and we make it super-easy to get access to and share engaging content on safety topics from around our business. We now have dedicated web pages which contain our safety messaging, simplified standards and best of all our ‘stories’. In video form, these stories involve our own employees’ experiences from around the business – often past incidents, but perhaps more importantly what their job entails and what they need to think about - every day, to protect themselves and their colleagues. These videos are available both internally to our employees, and now externally to customers and other interested parties alike. It is these stories that portray our principles behind ‘We All Make a Difference’.


This approach has been a true step change in anchoring our ‘Safety-First’ objective.  The involvement of our front-line employees from around our business is something we invest heavily in; it makes the message authentic, colleagues can better relate, and therefore the message spreads. A positive side-effect is those involved in helping to make the content also immediately become more engaged, and the organisation gains another ‘safety leader’. 

We pride ourselves in having people who not only take their own safety seriously but will also demonstrate the courage to intervene when others are at-risk. Ultimately we are human and we all have distractions and off days – that is when we need strong colleagues to use a moment of influence to guide us through the blind spots.

I plan to share some of my experiences with our people on particular safety subjects in future blogs, but in the interim please take a look at our new materials and videos on our website: We All Make A Difference


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