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A flawless operation running over 500,000 feet of real-time coil on one well with no NPT


WE crew 2-3-2-1


Well intervention operations are a vital activity for operators, and associated non-productive time (NPT) can make it costly for their offshore operations.


How can NPT be minimised?


Reliable equipment, an experienced team, a strong safety culture, and proactive collaboration across project stakeholders are all factors that contribute to minimising NPT.

Our Coiled Tubing team recently completed a North Sea campaign running 500,000 feet of real-time coil (RtC) on one well with no NPT. This was no mean feat. So how did we do it?


Our approach 


We approached this campaign like any other and assembled our experienced team of specialists with key project stakeholders. 

Delivering a flawless campaign to our customers takes a special type of collaboration, where every department, both onshore and offshore, works together as one unified team towards a common goal.

Commercial, contracts, logistics, certification, equipment maintenance, onshore operations and the offshore implementation crew - everyone had their part to play, and the can-do attitude they all have was evident from the start of the project. 


Coiled Tubing team-high


Achieving the campaign objectives


Our customer required intervention support to enable the implementation of a multi-zone well stimulation project. We mobilised an RtC spread combining logging and coiled tubing capabilities, with our experienced multi-disciplinary crew who were able to utilise their skills across logging and coiled tubing operations. This included a trained mechanic who was responsible for both operating and maintaining the equipment - a highly praised resource noted by our customers. 

The well intervention work scope included:  

  • Real-time coil
  • Reverse circulation cleanout
  • Forward circulation cleanout
  • Perforation
  • Plug setting
  • Plug milling
  • Straddle setting
  • Formation evaluation

All operations were live-streamed via Live Link, giving the onshore engineering team unparalleled access to live operations. This vital data maximised the capability and efficiency of each run. 


A flawless operation 


We successfully completed all operations safely and with no NPT:

  • RtC completed 34 runs in hole performing over 500,000 running feet.
  • Perforation operations added 6 new zones to the well.
  • Cleanout operations removed 50Te of proppant from the wellbore along with five composite plugs:
    o 35Te whilst reverse circulating
    o 15Te whilst forward circulating
  • The gas lift through the RtC brought the well into production.

This was one of the largest coiled tubing operations we've executed and key to its success was the exceptional teamwork of everyone involved, both onshore and offshore. Their expert knowledge, understanding and design of the project, coupled with their commitment, delivered a flawless operation.



Why our partnership works


We have built a relationship with our customers based on trust. Customers can be confident that a solution will be designed and delivered in a safe and efficient manner.  

We can capitalise on our decades of experience, expert knowledge, and reliable equipment to deliver coiled tubing solutions for challenging projects in the North Sea.

If you'd like to know more about our coiled tubing capabilities, I'd be happy to discuss this with you. 




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