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Since it's launch in 2018 our PRIME Technology Platform has delivered over 80 successful jobs and 220 runs,  including a wide range of ground-breaking e-line precision solutions.  Today, I'm delighted to share another success with our new PRIME Stroker and Extended Range Hydraulic Shifting Tool (XR-HST) combination for a client in Norway.

The client required a completion manipulation operation to shift multiple sleeves in a well where the build-up of hard scale and corrosion had caused the sleeves to seize. It was thought likely that the forces required to shift the sleeves could be in the order of ten times above the sleeve’s shifting specification. An accurate understanding and control of the key stroker and shifting tool parameters during the shifting operation would be critical to delivering the in situ adjustments anticipated to ensure task success.

Assess, analyse and adjust in real-time

When faced with this type of challenge, it is important to understand and adapt in real-time to what is confronted and happening downhole. Our new PRIME Stroker and its Extended Range Hydraulic Shifting Tool (XR-HST) are the latest additions to our PRIME Technology Platform, leveraging the system design features that enable us to assess, analyse and adjust the operation on the fly according to the conditions encountered during the task being undertaken – in this case manipulating completion sleeves. The PRIME Stroker and XR-HST tools are highly instrumented, delivering a sophisticated set of tool parameter measurements to surface in real-time which provides a high level of in-well visibility and control. These include force, position and displacement of the stroker and shifting tool along with important tool diagnostic data.

The PRIME Stroker is built on the slim 2.5 in OD architecture of the PRIME Platform, capable of anchoring in completions up to 4.1in ID with configuration kits that extend that to 6.59 in. It has bi-directional stroke force capability up to a maximum of 30 klbs, high for such a small diameter tool, with a highly accurate stroke position resolution of 0.04 in – both real-time controllable and with limit setting capability.

The adaption of the manipulation tool family onto the PRIME Technology Platform has opened up an unprecedented opportunity to make the application tools that are run in conjunction with the stroker smart as well. Specific to this case, the XR-HST is a sleeve manipulation device developed for integral operation with the PRIME Stroker. Also built on a slim 2.5 in OD architecture, it has a large configurable expansion range up to 5.3 in, enabling it to traverse when closed through small wellbore restrictions, whereupon it can be expanded to operate sliding sleeves with an inner diameter that is substantially larger. Key to its design is a hydraulically driven proximity centralizer, providing optimal alignment of its three shifting dogs within the profile of the sleeve to be shifted. This alignment, coupled with real-time stroke force and stroke position visibility and control, provide optimal conditions for the shifting task to succeed. Furthermore, recordings of these parameters are providing accurate verification logs of the sleeve shifting that has been carried out there and then.

Deliver force with precision and control

When conducting e-line deployed manipulation services, particularly in challenging circumstances, analysing data from tool instrumentation to verify the situation and, when necessary, adjust tool parameters to the encountered conditions is key. The advanced technology components of the PRIME Technology Platform that are embedded into the PRIME Stroker and XR-HST bring enormous value to the operation, providing an optimal framework for the operation to succeed. For this recent sleeve manipulation operation, these features played an important role in understanding and managing the operation, providing the required force to shift a total of six sleeves. The operation was completed successfully and the well was brought back onto production.

Our development of the PRIME Technology Platform continues, expanding the suite of advanced services available to our clients, transforming the operational efficiency, capability and task certainty while reducing the risks of e-line deployed interventions.

Download PRIME Stroker spec sheet >>

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If you would like to learn more about our PRIME Technology Platform, please get in touch: expert.no@altusintervention.com

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