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Coiled Tubing and Pumping Technical Specialist

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Since its introduction in 2013, our real-time coil (RtC) has provided invaluable real-time downhole data on coiled tubing (CT) jobs.  Now, to further enhance our real-time data offering, the coiled tubing team have introduced Live Link into our offering, a new technology platform - supporting our client demands for immediate decision making during well intervention operations. 


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Live Link enables real-time data transfer from offshore coiled tubing operations to onshore teams. You can access  real-time decision data from a device, at home or in the office. Anytime, anywhere.

I'm really pleased with the positive feedback we have received from our clients who are now benefiting from this new technology. The onshore teams access to real-time well information allows a collaborative approach to be taken, with all key stake holders enabled to add value.

Recent interventions utilising the system have shown how the system can be used to enhance operations – live information has been used to allow subject matter experts to give opinion on unexpected in well events, thus reducing time taken to reach a positive decision.  

The need to develop more efficient ways of working is increasingly important in our industry and we must use our expert resources in the most effective way possible. Live Link is a fantastic example of that - the integration of people, process and technology, improves operational efficiency and provides more value to clients as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated.

If you'd like to discuss more about Live Link and how it can enhance your next Coiled Tubing operation, please get in touch: expert.uk@altusintervention.com 

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