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Well intervention


Managed risk, greater efficiency, lower cost.

For decades well intervention services have played a key role in extending the life of wells, increasing production and providing access to stranded or additional hydrocarbon reserves. For 40 years we have been working directly with oil companies, evolving our delivery models, service scopes and technologies, often in the most challenging of environments.

In this blog post I want to introduce you to our Integrated Service Model and share some examples of how it is currently delivering value to a client on a multi-well campaign in West Africa. 

In pursuit of maximising operational efficiency, we are seeing an increased appetite for fully integrated provision of services by operators. By drawing on our North Sea track record, we can provide flexible spreads of equipment in well-planned packages, complemented by our experienced multi-disciplined crews. 

Key benefits to the clients:

  • Single point of accountability 
  • Sustainable cost reductions
  • Reduced crewing levels to deliver the same breadth of service as a multi-company/multi-service approach


 Wireline     Wireline Well Intervention  




"An innovative commercial model supplemented the integrated service offer which mitigated any project cost overruns and provided assurance of our technology solution."


A recent example of this service model was for an extended multi-well campaign in West Africa. A major global operator approached us to advise, plan and mobilise an integrated package for a rigless well intervention campaign. 

Phase 1 of the campaign had a range of objectives across the 14 wells including:- 

  1. Identify type and volume of wellbore debris to ascertain its likely source to develop a subsequent remedial intervention solution;
  2. Water conformance intervention to enhance hydrocarbon recovery;
  3. Gas lift valve optimsiation to improve production efficiency; and 
  4. Safety valve manipulation to confirm well integrity.

An extensive range of our equipment and technologies were deployed into the region from the UK, with an experienced multi-disciplined crew to execute phase 1 delivery of the project. To strengthen the proposition, and alleviate the fears of the client, an innovative commercial model supplemented the integrated service offer which mitigated any project cost overruns and provided assurance of our technology solution.

Intervention services & technologies deployed for the campaign (phase 1 & 2) included: 


Wireline altus intervention  wellbore cleanout


RESULTS phase 1 


"Gas lift valve optimisation yielded an additional 2000 bopd"


Our priority is to provide sustainable competitive solutions to our clients, and through this integrated approach we were able to deliver this whilst maximising operational efficiencies and mitigating risk. 

Phase 1 of this 14 well campaign was deemed a huge success by the operator. The gas lift valve operations were integral to the success, with one well yielding an additional 2000 bopd (barrels of oil produced per day). Additionally, the 20% reduction in conventional POB (personnel on board) set up, due to our multi-disciplined crew, provided further cost savings for the client.

The PrecisionCollector, from our range of market leading proprietary e-line delivered precision mechanical technologies, successfully retrieved large quantities of debris from the offending wells and assisted in identifying the composition and notional volumes in each wellbore.  This information was vital to the subsequent intervention planning and ultimately resulted in the deployment of our complementary coiled tubing solution; scheduled to commence in Q1 2018.

To learn more about the wellbore clean out operation, please download the case study here: 

Download Case Study

Our work on this campaign is ongoing and I will provide further updates as the campaign develops.

If you would like to know more about our approach, capabilities and experience please get in touch.

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