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Presentation Script from Future Now Awards at Intervention Day, Stavanger, 11th May


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I'm delighted to see that true collaboration is now evident – and we have seen that today here at Intervention Day. 

There is a united path to the future – we have common goals, new technologies, and jobs under our belt - we are service partners rather than subcontractors.

There is momentum and now the challenge is to make all these individual successes one collective standard.  

As a motivation for tomorrow, let us recognise the big steps we are taking together.

We at Altus Intervention are proud to have worked with all of you in this room.   So as we embrace the future it seemed appropriate to make some detailed reflections on some of the exciting partnerships here today that are already Making Intervention Smarter, for tomorrow.

I'll start with safety by design. Today we have the impressive Dwellop Lynx Mast. A quantum leap in mast design winning the ICOTA Europe Innovation award in 2019.  We have a big focus on hands-free handing while rigging up and access into the well. The mast also enables significant time savings. At Altus Intervention were are very proud of the effort made to collaborate and train for its use. We also have Stavanger Engineering here today showcasing their efficient safe lifting and access rig-up frame. Both tremendous examples of high-impact design.  

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A key part of moving forward is Diagnostics.

One thing we all know is that to be smarter with intervention we need to be smarter with understanding the challenge.  

Exhibiting today we have leading-edge technology making that difference and promising a real step-change in digitalisation, performance, and reduced carbon footprint.  

At Altus Intervention we have enjoyed a long collaboration with Baker Hughes - both operating and deploying from their industry-standard Sondex downhole tools and also the integrated delivery of their advanced cement and saturation logging and perforation services. In particular, the INTeX/ULTeX combination that offers efficient single-run solutions.  

Today they have been showcasing their Free Point Indicator tool - now being introduced into the Scandinavian market.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with best-in-class specialist diagnostic technology companies. Other examples include:-

Silixa – as they say, "Better data means better decisions".   Their fibre-powered data solutions allow us to monitor dynamic well behaviour in real-time in a fraction of the time of conventional technologies.

We are delighted to see a growing number of jobs where we have combined Silixa's technology with other logging solutions such as TGT's acoustic sensing technology and selected Sondex tools.   We are particularly excited about the potential for combining the Carina technology with our tractor and PMA solutions – allowing validation of the data in real-time, reducing runs and reducing time in the well.  

TGT – their through-barrier diagnostics assess more than the inner workings of the wellbore, viewing the well system in its entirety.

We see great potential to combine TGT's acoustic solutions with today's production logging solutions to enable a wider capture of downhole data where we not only have flow data but also reservoir data from one run. For example, in 2021 we delivered an operation where we combined the Openfield FAST tool and TGT's acoustic sensing system, Chorus.  A fantastic collaboration story.

Openfieldtheir innovative ultra-compact production logging tool (FAST ) really hits the sweet spot of multi-function solutions – their compact instrumentation reduces tool length and optimises well access. With its modular architecture, the mix and match sensors fit very well with our ethos of being a service company that can engineer technology solutions swiftly when new challenges arise.



"There is huge scalability on how we integrate our technologies to not only make intervention smarter but truly offer light low carbon solutions." 


We also have fantastic visual analytical technologies as partners. Helping us understand and resolve the most complex wellbore challenges.   Vision IO and EV are both here today.  Precise measurements and dimensions on shape and orientation are critical for e-line mechanical interventions.  

At Altus Intervention we have invested heavily in our e-line PRIME technology platform. Its modular and multi-function design provides precision mechanical and diagnostic solutions. Fully digital and remote-ready, we are truly taking in-well, real-time data and command management to the next level.

As mentioned today with the launch of our PRIME Compact Series and indeed intertwined through many of the successes we have had together – there is huge scalability on how we integrate our technologies to not only make intervention smarter but truly offer light low carbon solutions.          

Sticking with the theme of “Big impact, small footprint” I would also like to recognise Blue Spark. High pulsed power using a small amount of energy to clear blockages, and improve flow all without damage to the reservoir or completion.

We have successfully deployed Altus Intervention's PRIME milling technology alongside the WASP technology to remove Barium Sulphate scale in a side pocket mandrel saving valuable rig time in the delivery of regained production.



An important extension to well intervention is the broad and complex space of P&A.   Joining us today we have leading downhole solutions from Interwell, Omega, E Plug & Iconic all setting new standards for how we manage isolation & pre-P&A activity.  

There is a huge opportunity here to collaborate and produce new solutions that can drastically and responsibly reduce the significant P&A cost our industry faces.  

Collaboration here is definitely a driver and kudos to Odjfell, here today and amongst other things talking about their ultra-slim standalone jacking unit for performing rigless offline intervention solutions.  

This sits at the heart of a Collaboration Alliance that we at Altus Intervention are proud to be a part of.  



There is a lot to do and this is an impressive group of companies and innovators who offer a tremendous opportunity to truly put well intervention on the map.  We are proud to work alongside all of you. 




The Future Now Awards took place at Intervention Day on 11th May 2022.



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